Armin Van Buuren announces his new single: “Therapy” !

Armin Van Buuren‘s live at the UMF in Miami gave us the world premiere of his new single, “Therapy”, with the voice of James Newman .
During these hours, the DJ announced that it is already possible to book the song via the Spotify channel , which will be released on April 20th on Armada .

Regarding the first impressions, Armin remains in his style proposing an euphoric refrain as an anthem , we are sure that after the success of “Be In The Moment”, he will want to repeat himself !


Here Spotify links to book preview “Therapy”


Armin van Buuren feat. James Newman – Therapy

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: My new single 'Therapy' will be released on April 20th 🙂 Premiered the club mix in my Ultra 2018 mainstage set two weeks ago!

Pubblicato da Armin van Buuren su giovedì 5 aprile 2018





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