Trance History TOP 1000 is coming up soon !

Love for music unites… and memories too!

What is Trance History ?

Trance History, beside being your portal for the news about this genre, will be your official music catalog. And we, devoted to this music just like you, finally realized this project.

What is the Top1000 of Trance History ?

We selected through the years the songs that were major hits: after a deep research, we made a list of one thousand songs that goes beyond any personal criteria. Every day we will post songs in a casual order to live again together a musical journey that is almost thirty years long… from 1991 to nowadays !

When was Trance Music created ?

Exactly in the beginning of the 90s the sound club of House Music merged with the first Techno Music in Netherlands, England and Germany: since then the first experiments of Trance Music that in the next twenty years evolved to become (especially between the end of the 90s to the beginning of 2000s) the most refined music genre in all the clubs in the world: the most popular DJs in those years played Trance Music.

What is Trance Music today ?

In the last years Trance Music merged with the Progressive genre, becoming closer to other EDM types of music. However lately it seems like the trend of the “golden age” is coming back. Many producers prefer going back to the sound that saw their first rise – although not experiencing the same commercial success- and with pride they keep their fans always interested.

This is what exactly pushed us into making this chart that will be updated each and every year!

What is the “goal” of the Top1000 ?

Our idea is to share our work with you and allow all fans to interact, so that they can follow their favorite music genre from the day it first started to be played to nowadays!

Here we are then, we’ re about to start, STAY TUNED !!!