One thought on “Luminosity-Beach-Festival-2019-Lineup-1

  1. mark gilchrist says:

    Luminosity 2018 was utterly amazing and every year it gets better and better….hopefully in 2019 it will blow up once again… love to see Ashley Waters make his debut as his style ie HARD trance needs his god given genius at doing hard trance better and harder than 99 percent of the other hard trance djs around. maybe a stage where only the truly gifted and best young trance djs could battle it out purely to show of their talents. If I had to choose to watch one dj doing hard trance I know in a heartbeat who I would choose..Mr ashley Waters and many thousands more trance fans would say the same thing. I hope he does go in 2019 his music is worthy of appearing on the luminosity line up

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