A new Destination: Rotterdam will host the A State Of Trance 2024 !

New theme, new anthem and above all, a new home next year for A State Of Trance: AHOY Rotterdam

With many months in advance, the king of A State Of Trance last night, during a special 3-hour episode 1126 together with his partners in crime Ruben de Ronde and Ferry Corsten, anticipated all the news about the new edition of the Dutch festival.

Just two days ago, Armin van Buuren announced that the memorable Celebration Weekend of last March 3rd and 4th – during which we celebrated the milestone of 1000 episode of the trance radioshow after years of waiting – was the last event held in the by now legendary location of Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, this is because works are underway to close some of the large exhibition halls which will no longer allow the celebration of such a huge event.

Jaarbeurs Utrecht was the home of not only eight editions of ASOT (from 650 to 1000) but it was also the celebration venue of another historic trance festival, Trance Energy, from 2001 to 2012.

Armin and his team therefore started looking for a new “home” and the choice fell on the second Dutch city, Rotterdam: the AHOY Rotterdam convention centre, located in the southern part of Rotterdam, seems to be the ideal home for forthcoming editions of festival, which also for next year will consist of two evenings, on 23 & 24 February 2024:

As mentioned, the A State Of Trance team has moved well ahead of the timing of the past years and has practically announced what will be the theme of the next edition: DESTINATION, not by chance, perhaps, thinking of the journey to find a new home. DESTINATION is also the title of the new anthem, signed by Armin van Buuren, Ruben de Ronde, Benno de Goeij and Ferry Corsten which was made official yesterday during episode 1126 and which, as we know, was created “live” during a special two days live a few days ago in which the team showed how a trance anthem is created: in our opinion, the result was spectacular !

Waiting for the celebrations for the current REFLEXION edition to take place on July 2nd in London, Armin has already announced that tickets for the next edition will be on pre-sale starting June 28th: it’s possible to register through this link A STATE OF TRANCE 2024 Pre-registrer, which provides all the information to better organize the weekend the new weekend of celebrations.

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