Alice Deejay – Back In My Life

Between 1998 and the early 2000s, Dj Jurgen and singer Judith Pronk, from Holland (with Danski & Dj Delmundo and Pronti & Kalmani) were protagonists of the trance and eurodance project called “Alice Deejay” : this name is synonymous of great successes that have climbed the sales charts in Europe and certainly among them there is “Back In My Life” which proved to be a real success into the dance floors for his light-hearted refrain , thanks also to the music video transmitted many times and for many months during the winter 1999/2000. And it is not only the only track of this project that we will obviously find inside our special Top1000 … !

title: Alice Deejay – Back In My Life label: Orbit Records year: 1999  

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