Dj Mag Top DJs 100 2018 : what did trance music tell us ?

Top DJs 100 of Dj Mag is now that annual reference appointment for the majority of electronic music lovers .


The ranking is now a historical icon, the number 1 is always seen as the greatest, the character who over the last 12 months has been able to do better than other DJs in the field of live and often also in terms of productions . Over time , the grading parameters have gradually improved, as the climb to the top of electronic music has undergone a profound change. In recent years , the scene dominated by the best DJ trance in the world was swept away by new scenarios, the positive opinion of the fans has moved to the electro and progressive house, first Hardwell , now Martin Garrix (again no.1 this’ year) are the unmovable strengths at the moment .


The change in terms of success in terms of preferences is a completely natural process, the music evolves and the fans always want to hear something new .

And the djs trance? How did they behave this year?

Meanwhile , the opinion of the public this year has been felt a lot , because the top 100 has reserved positions in the charts really curious .
The first name to be alive is at 94th position with Bobina , even if the surprise comes a position later with a disconsolate Markus Schulz only at no. 93.
MaRLo is 88th while at 75 and 74 we have the first real bad surprise : two giant names like Ferry Corsten and then Aly & Fila !
At 68 a brave Andrew Rayel while Paul Van Dyk in 55th position is a new drama to see as well as Jeffrey Sutorius (52) and Above & Beyond (51) stuck in the middle of the standings!
With an unforgettable ATB at position n. 49 we arrive at the first name awaited , that of Vini Vici and their psy trance no higher than the 34th position .



Armin Van Buuren .

It was an exceptional year for him, the best of the last .
“Blah Blah Blah” is now an epic brand, an extraordinary success without precedent ( it still flies in the high positions of the rankings after 7 months ! ) That together with its endless tours, left hope for a recovery of votes from the opinion of the fans … instead the giant trance falls even from the podium and ranks fourth .

There is no real opinion on this ranking but the fans have always given great importance to this vote .
Precisely because it is a vote of all must be respected as must always be respected tastes but we know that tastes can not always reflect what is the work of a DJ and what he does over time .

Trance music is always evolving and in this historical moment it has a strong positive feedback but we know that it is not the leader of the global electronic scene . The talents of this genre are so many and thanks to them we will see how it will evolve over the years and in the rankings .

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