The big night of A State Of Trance 900: Armin and Above & Beyond together and much more !

“Lifting You Higher !” an anthem that has kept its promises: in Utrecht an unforgettable event !


What a night ! We were there !

The most important trance event of the year in the world, where the excellence of trance music is combined in the infinite space of the halls of the Jaarbeurs Utrecht complex this year exceeded all expectations! Not only for the numbers of the event itself (35,000 or perhaps more lovers of the trance gathered, in number the most majestic edition of the festival ever made) but also for the long series of emotions that the event gave its fans.



Some time ago, on our portal (on this link: Anjunabeats and Armada, an every strong synergy ?) we talked about a possible collaboration between the Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren and the trio made in UK: during the djset by Armin last night for a moment the music was stop and the Above & Beyond are back on stage to give the incredible announcement: “Show Me Love” will be the first song ever born from this massive collaboration, an instrumental piece that combines the depth of the progressive trance sound of the Above & Beyond to the insane sound of the Dutch legend. A news that, for the trance music genre, is an exceptional fact !



The event in the Main Stage, the largest of the five rooms of festival, had already started in an unexpected way: a vinyl Warm Up by Armin turned into a dj set where historical trance track were played ! Under a frame of minimal but impact lights, following the energetic set of Estiva (with “Rainbow” feat. Ruben De Ronde, probably its most popular track of this moment)  and the fantastic hour with Cosmic Gate: the German duo has selected a series of excellent songs of the period (their version of “Need To Feel Loved” has flamed the stage!) to other remixes from “Grammy”(inevitable that of “Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal – Only Road”), certainly one of the Dj sets that impressed us the most.

Following, as said, the sublime set of Above & Beyond who have been able to alternate vocal and progressive trance tracks with authentic dancefloor bombs (their new “Waltz” for example and the “Northern Soul” succession on the finale). Continues the classic Armin’s set with a legend opening (a new collaboration with Shapov the first song played ?) and then its indispensable musical rainbow composed of many successes and many sub-genres of Trance. The power of the psy trance of Vini Vici has dominates the next step and with the same happened the explosive sounds of australian MaRlo immediately after. Finally, Future Code (the coupled Omnia and Ben Gold) who have proposed new pieces of this new collaboration and more success of their respective careers (above all “The Fusion” by Omnia, one of the great successes of 2012).


The complete LIVE streaming of the main event is already online, in the Main Stage HERE: 




The tracklists of the DJ sets of these and others that have inflamed the other stages are available on

Trance History is honored to have participated in an event that will remain unforgettable in the history of Trance music that we love so much and that we will continue to follow with increasing passion !


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