Two trance anthems ready to ignite the festivals !

The official anthems of Untold Festival and Electronic Family are all made in Armada music.



Summer comes alive with the many trance and EDM music festivals around the world. In these hours the Ultra Europe is the protagonist, among the many DJs Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond to impose sound trance in the Croatian land.

But one of the most anticipated events of this season is undoubtedly the Untold Festival in Romania, a live that in a few years has grown exponentially and has attracted fans from all over the planet. The anthem selected this year is precisely that of Armin Van Buuren along with Avian Grays and Jordan Shaw , a vocal excerpt with edm traits but with a trance profile, the classic catchy refrain for the crowd.



In just over a week it will be the time for the Electronic Family, the appointment this year is in Den Bosch with a thrilling lineup, the anthem created for the occasion by Ruben De Ronde in collaboration with Elevven and Lara is really fantastic. Beautiful vocal accompanies an enthralling refrain.



Both Armada music works have just officially come out. “Something Real” directly on Armada while “Shadow Of Us” obviously on Statement! recordings.

Have fun !

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