Paul van Dyk anticipates new album and tour

The german star does not know the word “pause” and is immediately ready to present his new job planned for the new year.


Paul van Dyk is one of the faces that decided to be reborn after the great successes of the past that indelibly marked trance music. Just two years ago the album “From Then On” drove us crazy because it brought back to the track an old style almost forgotten by the fans and that made us understand the new potentialities of the berlin dj. The idea of ​​that album worked so much that we found ourselves at the top of the charts with “Touched By Heaven” a true nostalgic icon labeled by listeners.

But the ideas in store were so many that Paul chose last year to publish a new album, “Music Rescues Me” was a project born together with many quality collaborations, always bringing back however to the ear the true soul in terms of style of Paul.

At this point we were convinced that the producer decided to squeeze this publication to the bone, but no, we are surprised once again by his great desire to work and surprisingly announces a tour that anticipates his new album scheduled for 2020 . “Guiding Light” is the title of his next project which will be anticipated by a tour of an initial and spectacular month starting October 31st in Miami. The live music will touch the major american cities but this will only be an small advance that will make us participate in the previews of his new works.

Stay tuned to see what’s new on all of Paul Van Dyk’s new projects.



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