Robert Nickson will soon release his new album

The British producer is on his first real album, in recent years he has amazed us with breathtaking trance records.

In the recent period, Robert Nickson wanted to pursue a philosophy characterized by a style very close to that defined as “pure trance”, with the strong inclusion of very emotional breaks. This choice led him to the publication of several singles and remixes of great impact especially for the nostalgic and for those who are always looking for strong emotions with regards to this musical genre.




It is no coincidence, in fact, that his rise began at least three years ago with music pieces also published on the Solarstone‘s label, Pure Trance. His alias RNX then made his musical journey complete with clearly progressive interventions.

Now, given the current positive musical vein, to finally try to make an album, and that’s what Robert announced today: “Tellurian” is out on October 4th on Black Hole Recordings, the collection is already in pre-order and includes 18 tracks, some already heard while others are exclusive works with different collaborations, M.I.K.E. on all.

Surely this work will once again include the musical identity appreciated in the last period, an important result for a producer symbol of the trance rebirth.

01. Arecibo
02. Iridium Flare
03. Feed My Soul (with Thea Jane Riley)
04. California
05. Lonely Shore (RNX with Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren)
06. Gridlock
07. Journey To The Deep
08. Jupiter
09. The Way That U R (with Ellie Lawson)
10. St. Kilda
11. Made Of Stars
12. Blue Encounter (with M.I.K.E. Push)
13. Space Traffic Control
14. Graviton
15. The Journey (with Astroleaf)
16. Maya (with Re:Locate)
17. Oort Cloud
18. Earth Rise

Pre-order link:

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