The musical return of Jaron Inc.

After more than a decade, he returns to the studio to produce an old musical knowledge: Jaron Martinez.


In recent times we have witnessed returns from various trance producers, especially in the area of ​​productions. It is often difficult to return to a musical context that has undergone a change over the years but if there is already an excellent experience, the course becomes less tiring.

Today we are happy to talk about the return of Jaron Inc., the project that developed at the beginning of the millennium was composed by Jaron Martinez and Robert Gitelman, also known as G&M Project (and Bubble Fish) and who was successful with some powerful and incisive tracks, in particular we remember “Sunday Afternoon”, perhaps their most famous musical production that turns 15 years old today and that the german Martinez has decided to bring back on track with his remix that sanctions his return after a long period of pause. The tradition of hard and tough starts is always the same, as in the German style we learned with Stoneface & Terminal and especially Alex M.O.R.P.H., the melodic refrain of this famous track in this way is exalted.


A remix automatically anticipates a true original mix and does it with “When Freedom Wins” also released on Pure Trance Recordings, the refrain’s melodies are the true strength of this song, a true trance symphony satisfies the listener of this genre in all the senses with rapid sounds and beats.

There are all good intentions to return to propose a style that we have tasted in the past and that can be convincingly resented even with this welcome return.




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