The epic half hour of Rank 1

A spectacular albeit short LIVE DJ set of the Dutch pillars gave great emotions.

  When we talk about the duo Piet Bervoets and Benno De Goeij we start talking about a slice of history of important trance music, songs like “Awakening”, “Such Is Life” and “Airwave” have written important pages of this musical genre. As for the DJ set, it is always a prestige to host them because the class and skill remain intact over time and the choice to play LIVE has inflamed the public of A State Of Trance 950 with Benno on the keyboards and Piet to command the mix and everything else. The selection reproduced was a global pleasure for the great nostalgics (like us!) And for the new fans, in addition to the historical musical pieces already mentioned, the proposed repertoire also included songs such as the famous remix of “Superstring” by Cygnus X and their two anthem that really transported us body and mind to years ago and to the fantastic Trance Energy, among other things always in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. The tracklist includes lots of IDs at the moment and a scary melodic intro that we are curious to know as soon as possible.     It seems that with this live Rank 1 he wants to restart after a few stops especially at the production level and the many still untitled songs of the DJ set can also suggest new musical releases directly. In any case, the Utrecht show has given us half an hour of epic music, a special one that those who follow trance music for a long time will certainly not forget!

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