Above & Beyond and Zoë Johnston together again for “Reverie”

The long-awaited track played for the first time last year during the celebrations of the last ABGT event in Prague will be released this Friday


It’s difficult to find such a strong union in EDM music like the one established since 2004 between Above & Beyond and Zoë Johnston: the power and harmony of the sound of trio of Jono, Paavo and Tony punctually find a phenomenal point to meet with the soft voice of the English singer.

Zoë Johnston recently released her new project, “Evermore Bright” which anticipates her new album “solo” where we are sure that she will be able to raise the hearts of the followers of her incredible voice.

But the expectations were mainly focused on the release of yet another song together with Above & Beyond and finally “Reverie” will be released on next June 19th 2020.



After the success of last year’s magnificent “There’s Only You”, “Reverie” retraces the sweet and refined sound of previous collaborations with Zoë a few years ago: played for the first time during ABGT 350 in Prague in October 2019, the track immediately entered into the hearts of fans and we can’t wait to dance this beautiful sound live again !


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