M.I.K.E. Push it takes us back in time

The Belgian pioneer presents a different album, based on nostalgic sounds and settings.

Few trance music authors can boast a musical career like that of Mike Dierickx, better known as M.I.K.E. , Push and Plastic Boy. For over 25 years his hard, decisive and pure sounds have written his success along with an endless collection of productions. “Universal Nation” by Push has been a source of inspiration for many remixes and reissues as well as being counted as an ionic musical production in the field of trance music. In 2014 Mike, like several mature producers, was reborn with the merger of his most important aliases and became M.I.K.E. Push by releasing new and interesting releases for the most important labels of the moment, A State Of Trance and Future Sound Of Egypt among many others.

After this relaunch also characterized by several collaborations with similar level colleagues such as Robert Nickson, Rank 1 and The Thrillseekers, the 73 ‘class dj feels that it is time for yet another album which, as Mike himself declared in social media, it is about something new and different. In fact, his idea developed in recent months has been to re-propose a musical journey into the music of the 80s, or in what he defines the period of his musical childhood. The 8 tracks present in this album, called “Neon Life” which will be released in digital version and in limited edition on vinyl (for the most nostalgic) we can define them as a real race back in time, the musical personality of the Belgian is evident and we look for it in the sounds that, however, unlike a nice powerful and full of BPM base, cross a more massive presence of synthesizers, ambient pauses and synthpop / sountrack definitions.

Probably this work gives the idea of ​​how the electronic musical trail of the last 3 decades has influenced the maturation of trance music and other very similar styles.

From tomorrow it will be possible to buy “Neon Life”.

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