Ashley Wallbridge signs a magnificent vocal track

The british producer has just announced the release of this beautiful collaboration with Sarah de Warren.

The newly formed label “We’ll Be OK” founded by Gareth Emery launches as its second track an interesting work born from the idea of Ashley Wallbridge and vocally directed by Sarah de Warren.

“World For You”, this is the title of this track, has already invaded Emery’s playlists in recent months and it is the same producer of “You’ll Be OK” to declare the release enthusiastic. He also defines this musical idea as one of the best vocal trance songs he has ever heard, and he is actually right because it is impossible not to be enchanted by the verses sung by de Warren and which flow flawlessly.

Ashley, who also dominates here with great arpeggios and melodic pads, tells us the story of this track born in the difficult moment that we all know but that has not stopped its realization and is therefore a redemption as well as dedicating to all of us.

True musical partner of Gareth Emery for a long time, founder with him of the CVNT5 target and of many other productions in his company, Ashley Wallbridge is an important reference of trance image made in the UK, a career that has had a great evolution in the last years and who is now preparing for the release of his second official album. If this is the preview, let’s get ready to enjoy.

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