Armin van Buuren takes up the authentic Rising Star trance

Its most famous alias, the one that mirrors the pure trance of Armin van Buuren returns with a remix

For the best lovers of trance music, just say “Armin van Buuren pres. Rising Star” to take a leap back several years and return to the origins of the Dutch giant and a trance with a personal brand never influenced by the styles and currents of current electronics.

It would be a shame not to name masterpieces such as “Clear Blue Moon” for example, the first great work that turns 20 right now but the most current story takes us back to the latest Rising Star productions starting from the great return of 2015 with “Safe Inside You” , to go to “Again”, always with Betsie Larkin up to Cosmos and last, “The Voice” respectively sung by Alexandra Badoi and Cari.
These are all songs accompanied by splendid vocals but bursting into powerful melodic refrains structured in precise and nostalgic old style pads.

The attention to these details that move a little away from the variegated world of the name Armin van Buuren, always in a rush in current musical currents, influences and successful collaborations, has meant that this name remained original over time and ready to be relaunched at the best time.

The latest release is once again like this, and it is reality a remix of his own song released in the Euthymia EP, “Should I Wait” sung by Avalan was born as the pop / progressive trend song of the last period but which in this case “undergoes” an overbearing refrain which excellently enhances its original melodies.This reworking bewitches the true connoisseur of trance music. The music track is featured in the new A State Of Trance 2021 compilation.

An album? A music collection? Perhaps it would be time for Armin to consider developing this timeless target even further.

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