The beautiful “Underwater” with Kristina Sky and a brand new album coming out for Roger Shah

The German DJ and producer don’t miss a beat and continues his consecration for the trance sound with this brand new music

The latest compilation, released on May 28, signed by Roger Shah, “Magic Island – Music For Balearic People Vol. 10” has received many acclaim: absolutely deserved acclaim and which honor an always high-profile career of the German DJ and producer, who alternates the classic sound of the so-called “balearic-trance” (of which he is one of the main exponents, thanks to his numerous pseudonyms) up to the massive uplifting trance, not excluding in any case the deep house sounds: all the elements of inevitably bring us back to atmosphere of the Balearic Islands.

In the tenth volume of the successful compilation, Roger Shah has once again expertly remixed all these styles, with the participation of numerous other artists and, in the third cd of the compilation, to celebrate the tenth release of the series, Roger Shah has included some of his hits more fortunate (especially “Lost” with its alias Sunlounger, feat. Zara, 2008).

Among the new tracks, in addition to her flagship single of this 2021 “Hello Sunrise”, is included a new song that will be officially released this Friday, a song that from the first listen fascinates the lover of classic trance sounds: “Underwater” with Kristina Sky and Emma Shaffer; this is not the first collaboration with the Californian DJ (already for “Ocean Flame” in 2018) nor the first of all three, as the massive “Take Me Back” was released last year.

Characterized by the harmonious sound of Emma Sheffer’s voice and the trance sounds of the beginning of the millennium, “Underwater” progressively develops up to the magical euphoric final refrain: certainly, one of the songs that immediately struck us of the compilation and – in our opinion so far – among the most beautiful trance records of this year.

And finally, Roger announced the arrival of his new album on Future Sound Of Egpyt on August 20th entitled “Sunsets & Bonfires”, where we will find a disc characterized by chill-out tracks, and the second disc, with all the new author tracks:

Also, is included in the new album, the recent “Sail Wail” with Susie Ledge, supported by Roger Shah’s uplifting remix with Dj Yelow. In short, a fantastic summer full of new music for the legend of the balearic trance !

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