Cosmic Gate consecrate Diana Miro with the new “Nothing To Hide”

As anticipation rises for the new album to be released on the 20th of this month, the duo announces the release of the new single once again with ukrainian singer

We are now close to the debut of Nic and Bossi’s 11th artist album, “MOSAIIK” will consecrate the rebirth of the historic trance duo, but could not fail to do so without first releasing a new release, contained in this album and that demonstrates how this new tracklist is really a trance painting of many colors and styles.

This is because with “Blame” we were able to savor a track with deeper progressive / deep tones than the full sounds of Cosmic Gate, while with “Feel It” the electro rhythm was the master.

“Nothing To Hide”, this is the title of the new single, is certainly a complete trance track, that gives us that rush of adrenaline typical of their vocal tracks (“By Your Sound” feat. Emma Hewitt or “Fall Into You” feat. JES, for example). The definition of this symphony is reached with the vocal accompaniment of Diana Miro, of course, once again perfect above these notes and restarts.

The agreement between the German duo and the Kiev native singer continues, increasing her collaborations in the progressive trance / house field after having also recorded for producers such as Estiva, Protoculture and, lastly, AVIRA. Is it a new star ?

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