Cosmic Gate are back with “Follow You Anywhere”

The second chapter of MOSAIIK is about to open with the release of this promising new single !

They had already announced it to us a year ago, with the release of the first chapter, that their album, the result of an innovative musical explosion, would have a continuation.

For some years now Nic and Bossi have enjoyed the absolute fame of the trance public and beyond, a rebirth that has seen their musical style retrace and reconfirm up to a purely progressive / deep album imbued with their musical substance and sound.

MOSAIIK Chapter One has given us absolute musical pearls that the lucky ones so far have been able to enjoy during live shows, interesting collaborations like the one with Diana Miro for Nothing To Hide to continue with Universal Love, Blame, Feel It , all works that have redesigned the musical style of this historical German duo.

The new year opened with We Got The Fire together with Olivia Sebastianelli, a valuable progressive euphoric who traces a new path towards this second part of the work, the new confirmation arrives today with the release of Follow You Anywhere, a track that follows the same musical lines, with the voice of Nathan Nicholson an extended pad ready to explode true musical imprint of Cosmic Gate.

Of course we are also dreaming and wandering a bit because an official news of this second chapter has yet to arrive … but we believe the promises.

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