Discovering “UNITY” , a long musical journey by Ferry Corsten .

We have always defined Ferry Corsten as a true pioneer of trance music, it could not be otherwise .

His twenty-year career is the symbol of some real masterpieces also with the Gouryella project, but with a style and sonority that have always distinguished him .

His last album “Blueprint” arrived after 5 years from his last and marked a rebirth in a period where the greatest producers of trance music wanted to revive an old style but full of emotions, his latest singles are collaborations quality as with Haliene, probably the best vocalist of the moment but the album has aroused the interest of many producers for new versions that led to the release of the same album in remix version .

But today, Ferry Corsten continues to amaze and move on, “UNITY” is just the beginning of a new project that is demanding the collaborations of many important producers .

We had a decidedly “strong” preview with the first single “A Slice Of Heaven” together with Paul Oakenfold (another immortal genius …) and then together with DIM3NSION with “Safe With Me”, now we also know that there are works together with Markus Schulz, ALPHA 9 (aka Arty) and iLan Bluestone, who recently visited the dutch studio for a new track .

The idea of ​​Ferry Corsten is to be able to group different talents of various styles, from pure trance to those who produce big room sounds and to announce together projects of quality from various nuances .

It’s a musical journey, a very long and winding rediscovery of a brilliant mind that can make 2018, its year !

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