Kyau & Albert preview their new album : “Neverlost”

Kyau & Albert have never stopped in the last two years .

A collection for 20 years of official career then later last year, the release of their latest album “Matching Stories” which has had an excellent response thanks to the high-level singles released later .

But the musical vein of the historic German duo is still active and in these days the official announcement of the new album ( the sixth of their career ) coming out in December this year has arrived : “Neverlost” .


This new work will be initially divided into two EP coming up on the 7th of this month and in November with 3 tracks regarding the first part, “Under Your Speel” and “Night Sky” are the works that will be contained in this new project .

The founders of euphonic records are probably living their best musical period, so many collaborations in the last years of excellent quality both in production and vocal .

We just have to wait for new rumors !

For information visit the label’s website .

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