It’s the night of the Subculture Australia 2018 !

Let’s talk about the Subculture festival, which is one of the most growing events in recent years !

Subculture continues to be one of the biggest trance labels, the one for true trance fans, pure and without facets .

The merit has always been John O’Callaghan , founder of the label that has always maintained a very high standard and has grouped with time an increasingly large audience .
From here then the choice to give birth to an event more and more majestic and tonight the return to Australia, in Melbourne, appointment at the Hi Arena !



We must also mention Bryan Bearney , a true icon now on the electronic stage; considered now heir to those pillars trance because of the many fans around him .

In addition to many productions together with JOC, this evening the duo will perform also with the KEY4050 project, something more than a B2B, a bomb ready to explodet on the console !

The event also offers “refined” choices and very in line with the high quality of current productions :

Cold Blue , Factor B , Craig Connelly and Sied Van Riel will alternate for a magnificent night !

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