The new return of Gabriel & Dresden is called “Remedy” !

The return to Anjunabeats was their great musical rebirth, just over a year has passed and the American duo is ready to announce the new project .

“The Only Road” has marked the career of Gabriel & Dresden, thanks to the various high-level collaborations that have accompanied their individual .

As in the previous work, even in “Remedy” the inspiration starts from the nature and the choice of a sound that has always been of quality, the producers have declared that we will listen to sounds more “raw” and clear with the inclusion of a piano years 70 ‘to emphasize this style .



Gabriel & Dredsen have always trusted their fans around the world and the inspiration of their world tour is inspiring again !

There will also be new collaborations, some guarantees like Sub Teal and Jan Burton and certainly new innovations. In particular, Sub Teal will join Josh & Dave in the next 3 months of tour and production process of the album .

Stay tuned … we will listen to the beautiful !

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