Still health problems for Jorn Van Deynhoven

On July 17th , the Dutch music producer was hospitalized for an aorta problem .

As he himself wrote with a tweet a few days later where he reassured fans about his health situation .

The hospital course after surgery, then provided 15 weeks of rehabilitation between sports and controlled feeding. Yesterday evening, unfortunately , a new attack of high blood pressure deemed it necessary a new emergency hospitalization, so we are waiting for positive updates. Immediate has been the closeness through social networks of some colleagues like Ben Gold , Allen Watts and Linnea Schossow .



Jorn Van Deynhoven has experienced a major career explosion in the past two years. Productions but above all important and remixed plays have decreed him as one of the key figures in Armada but also in the whole trance music scene .

We wish him a speedy recovery along with some positive news as soon as possible !


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