The rise of Beatsole

Alexey Abrosimov in art Beatsole, is the most important Trance bet of the moment for Armada label


We know how the label of Armin Van Buuren (Armada) and in particular A State Of Trance, has launched over the years real phenomena of the trance scene, some already famous, others that have exploded over time.

Among these names, we decided to talk today about the Russian producer Beatsole, a young man with a productive career of a few years but already owner of his own label (the Magic Trance, born in 2013).His is a very quick apprentice with many publications in the space of a few years until his debut in the great panorama of the trance labels. “Before I Wake” is a real jewel that reproduces the full trance spirit loved by Armin van Buuren, it becomes the main icon of that year’s “A State Of Trance 2017”.



Recently several collaborations but above all remixes have whetted the palate of many fans of the genre thanks to the insightful and dreamy sounds at the same time: “Beatsole & Nostrangel – Sunsets” and above all the remix to “Ruben de Ronde X Rodg – Little Drummer” and for “Alan Morris & Marco Cera – Ballon”, where there is no lack of real euphoric trance !

We will see how far the young Russian producer will go, at the moment it really seems to promise well !

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