Inedited collaboration between Aly & Fila and Jes for “Let You Fall”

Aly & Fila with Jes try a spectacular song with the taste of trance music at the beginning of the millennium.


The fourthcoming studio album by Aly & Fila, “It’s All About The Melody” is about to come out this fall and in the meantime the Egyptian duo has already released some tracks (including the homonymous track), the last one, which will be released on next August 19th and features the participation of Chris Jones is called “Breathe”:



However, during the DJ set at the Bay Area San Francisco for A State Of Trance 900 “Lifting You Higher” last July, all the attention was focused on the fantastic opening track: a vocal trance (with the participation of Jes) that follows different sounds compared to those that Aly & Fila usually use for their songs, an elegant track with an almost old style sound (in some parts it even reminds of some tracks of the “old” Tiësto).

it’s called “Let You Fall”, and here it’s:



The American vocalist and the Egyptian duo had already “clashed” with their remix of “Higher Than The Sun” by Roger Shah and Brian Laruso in 2013, but “Let You Fall” is their first track with Jes. We are curious to see the success that will be achieved with this track and consequently also their new album coming out !

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