The legendary style of Solarstone returns with “Sky”

Richard John Mowatt returns to make us dream with an anthology track released on Black Hole Recordings.

One of the most influential musical characters in trance music is surely Solarstone , the british producer is the true story of this musical genre in a career that has now passed the twenty years. In all these years Rich has proposed various musical facets and projects that have always had a single purpose: the pure trance. 

In recent times, in fact, after a period of “low profile”, he decides to give birth to a new common denominator, the so-called “Pure Mix” will be the great musical relaunch that will bring to the ears of the fans, an exceptional wave of emotions, result of a style with old sounds and dreamy melodies. With the success in continuous growth, Rich chooses to detach himself from Black Hole Recordings , founding a relative label, the definitive Pure Trance that will welcome several successes and productions of great-caliber DJs.

Returning to the present, we are pleased to report the release of his new single which is a true musical gem. “Sky” is a great musical masterpiece, a perfect synthesis of his musical philosophy of the last few years, 9 minutes of a perfectly structured piece where emotions and thrills alternate driven by a progressive beat.


We expect in the future the release of the new album that is already rumored, the successor of “. .- – -“, another great work released last year.

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