Menno de Jong will stop making music in 2020

After a long career of many successes, Menno de Jong has decided next year to close with the world of music.


The dutch DJ and producer has chosen to quit. It is the news that we read today directly from its official website where it explains the reason for this decision and presents its latest producer programs for 2020.  Manager and protagonist of the label In Trance We Trust (ITWT), Menno’s long career has reached almost 20 years and throughout this time he has managed to win over fans from all over the world with live music that took him to one side on the other side of the planet.

Precisely for this reason, the experience of visiting increasingly different realities, has led the DJ to change his mind about his personal goals, if first indeed the expectation of traveling the world with music was exciting, now with the passage of time it is has become, explains de Jong, also tiring.

He stated, “Over time it has become clear to me that it is also an enormously taxing lifestyle that leaves limited room for personal growth, health and time with family and friends.”  

In addition,, another aspect that led to this choice concerns his struggle for environmental rights that often clash with the lifestyle of a DJ: “Moreover, I’m finding it increasingly hard to consolidate my environmental and animal rights beliefs with a profession that involves constantly jetting from one part of the world to another. These topics are something that have always been very close to my heart.”

But the Amsterdam guy certainly has no intention of leaving his fans so, the official date of his farewell is in a live, the “Menno Solo – The Finale” to be held on September 12th 2020 at Beachclub Fuel.



But before this nostalgic appointment he chose to travel the world with a real farewell tour that will touch different continents:

Farewell Tour 2020

Jan: 20 Year Anniversary Tour, The Netherlands
Feb: UK
Mar: Australia & Asia
Apr: Menno Solo, Poland
May, June: North America
July, August: Europe, Ibiza

The presale of his last tour will start on January 20th, for any other information visit his dedicated page.

We will miss Menno.


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