The incredibile MaRLo with Feenixpawl and their “Lighter Than Air” voted as Tune Of The Year 2019 !

An “unexpected” victory but one that honors a varied career of the Dutch DJ


Marlo Hoogstraten, known as MaRLo, with his “Ligher Than Air” (with Feenixpawl) was voted “Tune Of The Year” by the listeners of A State Of Trance ! It’s the trance song of the year 2019 !



The Dutch DJ (but resident in Australia for many years) managed to gain acclaim with this song of his, after several years of success at Armada, an almost unexpected but well-deserved result, congratulations to MaRLo !

And congratulations also to Richard Durand who touched on No. 2 this year with his wonderful “Save You” with Christina Novelli, after the result obtained last year with “The Air I Breathe” (“Tune Of The Year 2018 “). N.3 for the wonderful “La Resistance De L’Amour” by Armin van Buuren & Shapov.

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