Ferry Corsten announces a new album with its new alias: FERR

Ferry Corsten officially announces his new musical alias, characterized by new sounds


“This project means so much to me. An opportunity to exercise another side of my creative self. A chance to explore other avenues of the art of music creation. To me, this is therapy. A time to unwind in the midst of the chaos.”


With these words, the legendary DJ and producer from Rotterdam has announced his new musical project, called FERR, an absolute novelty in his artistic repertoire which among several successful aliases has almost always chosen the trance genre, with its wide shades.



“As Above So Below”, out on March 27th, is an album with ambient, classical and synth pop sounds, but further musical innovations within the project are not excluded; the first single, due out tomorrow, is “Dark Water” which sees the participation of the composer Geronimo Snijtsheuvel (with whom Ferry Corsten collaborated a few months ago for the double track Gravity Waves”).



This new idea reminds us a lot of what happened with the Above & Beyond album “Flow State” last year: a slow but certainly no less exciting pause, in these historical moments, maybe necessary.

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