Trance closes the doors, but the music doesn’t stop: You’ll be OK !

We want to be close to all those who live from far and near this difficult moment of story


The unprecedented global health emergency of SARS-CoV2, officially declared as a pandemic, has also forced the music and entertainment sector to close its doors, we have seen it: first of all, the cancellation of Ultra Miami next weekend.

But in recent days, there has been a succession of announcements of postponements or cancellations of even small events and DJ sets: it’s no longer possible to remain closed in crowded places in almost no part of the world: the message is unanimous and strong.



In these weeks of forced imprisonment, far from loved ones, videos of people have circulated, in Italy and also from other parts of the world where the pandemic is particularly serious, singing from their windows or dancing on the balconies: this shows how music is one of the tools that, even from a distance, manages and will always manage to unite and be close to people.

The trance family is already accustomed to this sense of closeness and love, and one of our characteristics and never like this moment does this sense of strong belonging to music have to rise even higher ! We know it’s not easy, as it’s not even for those who write in this moment, but we must think that it will not last forever: turn on the radio, your smartphone, your personal computer and let yourself be carried away, waiting for definitely better days that will come.

Our favorite artists continue to produce behind the scenes, ready to make us dream with new fantastic live productions soon, as soon as this emergency has subsided: in the meantime, we want to leave you with the words and with the fantastic new track by Gareth Emery in which title we want to dedicate to all the people affected by this new disease and to all those doctors and volunteers who fight every day and every hour to fight the pandemic: You’ll be OK ! 



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