Will live music return for the summer? The current situation

It’s difficult to predict when it will be possible to start planning the situation relating to musical events, but let’s try to make a summary and foresee any solutions.


That the COVID-19 pandemic has sunk the main restrictions in the art and music market is now obvious to everyone. Because if on the one hand the production market proceeds smoothly, being now almost entirely a digital market, the serious loss for professionals is related to the organization of events, to the immense turn of money around this factor which ultimately determines most of the profits practically for everyone, from the organizers, to the managers of the labels, to the sponsors, up to clearly the revenues for the DJs themselves.

As regards obviously the trance music, the question of the stop events is particular and of different interpretation from country to country organizer of each event: Armin van Buuren has almost immediately stopped his live “This Is Me”, postponed to next year, consequently the Ultra Music Festival in Miami last March was canceled and also postponed, to 2021.

For the most important European events such as Tomorrowland in Belgium, the speech is decidedly different because we are talking about the end of July, where it is hoped that the Coronavirus speech has been partially archived, reporting the right serenity to start the festival, in fact the organization itself on the official website he hopes for positive news from world health and not canceling or postponing for the moment, updates will naturally follow. Same goes for the Luminosity events, all as scheduled for now for the Beach Events at the end of June, the staff awaits any updates from the Dutch government but at the moment the situation does not change. What is the tenth edition and the last scheduled of the Electronic Family, lives this expectation with the same anxiety and recommends for now, its fans, to follow all the hygiene rules imposed.



Today, however, the organization of the UNTOLD festival has published via social what is the current situation of hope, trust and support to the local health authorities, leaving the event ready to start with due updates, remembering that the Romanian festival is scheduled between the last week of July and early August. It would be difficult to post situation by situation every event that concerns trance music, we have mentioned those of greater thickness, leaving out live events such as the October Transmission Festival, really very far from the current state where obviously no immediate precautions have been taken as a speech.

But what inevitably unites these events with each other is the summer season. As we have said, it is difficult at present to try to set up a program until the pandemic emergency subsides to promote safety and serenity for the holding of these events. The parenthesis relating to the hot season is then a very delicate topic, the summer lives mainly focused in those places where the economy runs, such as Ibiza, are currently experiencing a waiting situation, a start still hanging in the balance and which sees at the moment places like Ushuaïa or Hï Ibiza, iconic musical places in recent years for example, standing still waiting to understand.



Our hope in perspective is that it is difficult to imagine a summer without music, that the world population continues to do its part to get out of this emergency as soon as possible, to regain everyday life first of all, and then take over again fun and entertainment. If the summer events remain in the balance then, those more close to autumn are confirmed. But the end of summer has always brought the announcement, by Armin van Buuren and Armada, of the next ASOT that as we know next year will be a historic event with the episode number 1000. At this point it is difficult to predict in how these events, together with the next ADE, will be announced and how they will be organized, we just have to wait and hope that this bad chapter will end to return to dreaming stronger than before!






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