Paul van Dyk announces the release of his tenth studio album next August

We always need a lot of beautiful trance music … and Paul van Dyk has always known !


The career of some DJs and producers seems unstoppable even in these difficult months, between DJ sets at home and the hope of being able to play live soon: in the meantime, behind the scenes, the creation of new music has continued unabated and Paul van Dyk emerged more clearly.

We already knew of the release of his tenth studio album entitled Guiding Light” and a little while ago the Berlin DJ just announced the release date: August 28th.



Paul van Dyk in recent years has dedicated all his strength and his love to trance music, with the release of two fantastic albums “From Then On” (2017) and “Music Rescues Me” (2018) and just this year the release of “Escape Reality”, a downtempo reinterpretation of some of its greatest hits.

Not satisfied, during the last few months he has already extracted four singles of his Guiding Light”: the electrifying psy of “Galaxy” (with Vici Vici), the epic “Duality”, the massive First Contact” (with Kinetica) and the uplifting of “Parallel Dimension” (with Elated): all songs with a reference to the historical sound of Paul van Dyk and which undoubtedly promise yet another tenth album of great emotions ! 

1. Deep Within – Paul Van Dyk & Vincent Corver
2. Guiding Light – Paul Van Dyk & Sue McLaren
3. You Found Me – Paul Van Dyk & Saad Ayub
4. Exhale – Paul Van Dyk & Shedona
5. Awakening – Paul Van Dyk & Will Atkinson
6. Remedy – Paul Van Dyk & Danny Eaton
7. Parallel Dimension – Paul Van Dyk & Elated
8. First Contact – Paul Van Dyk & Kinetica
9. Duality
10. Resource – Paul Van Dyk & Eugenio Tokarev
11. Impact – Paul Van Dyk, Steve Dekay & VISION X
12. Covered in Gold (PvD Club Mix) – Paul Van Dyk & Bo Bruce
13. Galaxy (PvD Club Mix) – Paul Van Dyk & Vini Vici
14. Velvet Sky – Paul Van Dyk & Chris Bekker


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