Armin van Buuren and VER:WEST have illuminated the first digital edition of Tomorrowland !

Even if only behind a screen and not for everyone, even this year Tomorrowland, in one way or another, has been able to amaze us !


The days when Armin van Buuren set fire to the hearts of fans from all over the world in Boom for the edition n.15 of the most important EDM festival seem far away: the memories and images of Susana singing “Shivers” livestream worldwide will remain etched forever.

One year later, the expectations regarding festivals were now reduced to the minimum terms this year due to the pandemic that we all know: this 2020’s edition of “Tomorrowland: Around The World” in fact, like many other electronic music festivals, they took place or live from home, with live DJ sets directly from their homes, or – as in the case of Tomorrowland – with the concert location digitally reconstructed.



Tickets were sold to attend this digital edition, with considerably fewer artists present, where Armin van Buuren obviously could not miss, who performed for about 40 minutes with one of his canonical live sets during such large events, alternating trance tracks from his latest repertoire (with a spectacular new track opening with Sam Martin) and progressive-house mash-ups, with various collaborations.

But this year, albeit in a reduced form, the real news of Tomorrowland was the return, in a very nigh guise to which we were accustomed several years ago, of Tiësto with his new alias VER:WEST which has been discussed extensively during last weeks: a dj sets with progressive-house atmospheres (including his last track5 Seconds Before Sunrise”) very close to what seems to be the new idea of ​​music by the historical producer of Breda, that is to return to a sound that he himself has defined “slow down Trance”, recently during an interview with Pete Tong.

Waiting to watch the two DJ sets, you can read the tracklists:

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