Armin van Buuren’s Rising Star return

One year after “Cosmos”, a track sung by Alexandra Badoi, the old Dutch alias is back.

When Armin van Buuren decides to brush up on the Rising Star project there is always something magical underneath, a project that had been shelved in the past but which in recent years has been revived by enhancing old melodies and epic choruses.

“The Voice” is the latest work developed together with the voice of Cari, a trance vocalist who has been well established on the scene for a long time and who gives a heavy vocal impact to this musical track. The leader of Armada retakes the hard and firm line in full trance. After a scary break, a fast and captivating melody starts again, an ideal anthem.



Premiered tonight in episode 979 of A State Of Trance, due out this friday, Rising Star continues to be the purest trance soul of Armin van Buuren’s many musical facets.


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