A new melody for Above & Beyond

This is the fourth single of the year released today by the british trio, always ready to surprise the public in this tough time.


The series of new publications for Paavo, Jono and Tony follows a program now known to trance fans, that is, the great expectations of finding soon as official releases those songs heard in important lives such as the latest Group Therapy.

This is the case of “Reverie”, an authentic vocal jewel born together with Zoe Johnstone and heard for the first time in Prague in live 350, but that evening gave many other songs that we have looked forward to and “I Saw Good” is one of these.

Released today this track is a crazy melodic chorus, softened by an exhilarating and enthralling refrain, capable of creating a unique atmosphere during live music.

Speaking of Group Therapy, this is the period that starts towards the end of the musical summer season and by now in normal times we would have been ready to experience the next exclusive Above & Beyond event that we hope to be able to announce soon in time absolutely the best.


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