Is there any way of getting festivals next season ?

Work is proceeding silently to give a face to the events and festivals of 2021, amid uncertainties and hopes.

There are just over two months to go until end of 2020 and probably for most fans and insiders and the music industry, this has been the worst year in a long time. Even though music has moved forward in every possible way in all these months, the sector that coordinates events, festivals and concerts – of any musical genre – has suffered a real economic shock.

The hopes for next year are all relegated to the trend of COVID-19 pandemic: it’s clear that, imagining a scenario based on the current numbers, which speak of a new resurgence of the spread of the virus – especially in Europe – we must turn our look to the beginning of next spring.

As has been known for months now, in trance environments talking about 2021 means thinking about A State Of Trance 1000: no news has yet arrived in this regard, however, we are beginning to hypothesize that one or more events may be organized in some part of the world but further with the season (presumably in summer and outdoors), as well as a more than likely celebration in the Amsterdam studios at the stroke of episode 1000 next February: referring to the possible locations of ASOT1000’s festival, however, the declarations of a few days ago by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte come loud and clear, which specifies:

“We hope that the clubs and discotheques can open again before there is a vaccine, but at the moment that is simply unwise. Too often outbreaks of infection have occurred [at nightclubs] in Europe … I think it’s terrible for them. This sector is important for life in the Netherlands.”

On one side, therefore, the evident fear that the virus could circulate as now also during the next year and on the other side, the need to restart events and festivals as soon as possible. At the moment, no one seems to risk the hypothesis of rapid tests at the entrance to the concerts, however it should be emphasized that there would really be a long time from now to the next summer season and even if with due caution, we can think of improvement in the tracking of disease, as well as obviously hoping to get a vaccine by then.

Exclusively as regards the announcement of events, for next year the big EDC Portugal event is confirmed in June and for the trance genre, in addition to the “automatic” postponement of some important events from 2020 to 2021, there is also expectation for the Transmission Prague “Behind The Mask on 11 October 2021.

Therefore, it’s almost time to see what is being organized behind the scenes for the ASOT 1000, hoping to experience it live all together.

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