Jorn van Deynhoven greets trance music

The announcement, unexpected, a few hours ago via his Facebook page to all fans

The dj and producer Jörg Loeffelmeier but better known as Jorn van Deynhoven announces his retirement from the record market: the announcement arrived at dawn on his facebook page, in which the Dutch producer of German origins explains his reasons.

Displeasure, but also a huge support and understanding from all the fans at the announcement of the retirement from the scene; Jorn actually explains that he will no longer produce music (the single “Viva La Vida”, contained in his album “The Future Is Now”, will soon be remixed and will be his last production) but that he will still be present at lives and festivals for some time, when it will be possible to return to playing live again.

The surgery he underwent two and a half years ago and the subsequent difficult rehabilitation period, Jorn explains, drastically changed his outlook on life, but in a positive way and allowed him to appreciate even the little things.

Jorn van Deynhoven is one of the most influential DJs and trance producers of the past 15 years, strongly supported by Armin van Buuren and featured in many of the most important musical trance events. He edited the anthem for the ASOT 650 “New Horizons”, famous for records such as “Spotlight”, “Headliner” “Superfly” but above all for numerous and incredible remixes including, above all, the one for “RAM – Ramsterdam” which is became famous because it was played during Armin van Buuren’s sensational performance at UNTOLD 2017.

We close by letting you review his last great performance last February during A State Of Trance 950 in Utrecht:

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