Legend Chicane returns with a pure trance

The British master releases his second single from the upcoming new album.

After so many previews and rumors this new work by the great producer of the historic Offshore takes shape, Everything We Had To Leave Behind is in fact the eighth Chicane album that he anticipated exactly a month ago with the first single from homonymous title and which suggested an ambient and very melodic work dictated by the voice of Joseph Aquilina (Goldfish), already present in his other past musical works.

Today Chicane announced the release of Never Look Back or the second extract that will certainly satisfy the tastes of any lover of true trance. This song takes up the classic oldskool melodies, set by a simple beat and which makes listening enjoyable from the first moment. This type of trance reminded us of the classic old-fashioned comeback like that of Paul van Dyk, another one whose career speaks for itself.

In recent times we have seen how the musical ideas of english dj have often traveled roads that are often progressive house, ambient/pop interspersed with release trance always with great vocal or melodic properties, but it is in the great personality of these producers to broaden their musical horizons while always maintaining the your profile. Now we can therefore think that this album is a new musical collection of ideas of various styles but which do in the choice of sounds one great job … we are sure.

Now enjoy this video together with your headphones because that’s what it takes in this terrible 2020, go back a few years !

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