“A State Of Trance Top1000” is about to take off, destination: episode 1000 !

The longest broadcast will start tomorrow, at 22 CET, leading us to the long-awaited milestone 1000

It’s difficult to contain the adrenaline: even if in a different way from the projects that were thought at the beginning, the plans for the celebration of A State Of Trance 1000 have been clear for days: and therefore we have reached the eve of the great marathon wanted by Armin van Buuren: the A State Of Trance Top 1000, or the ranking of the 1000 trance songs most loved by the listeners of the most famous radio show over the twenty years of episodes.

In reality, the first 950 tracks, are already scrutinized on the Spotify: obviously we find many historical tracks, great classics and also many recent songs: What will happen in these seven days, starting tomorrow, at the end of the episode 999 ? We will be able to listen to these tracks with a special NO STOP broadcast available on Youtube and Twitch, until the evening of 21 January, the day of A State Of Trance episode 1000, when will be revealed the first 50 positions in the studio with Armin van Buuren and Ruben De Ronde.

We have been talking about the ASOT 1000 for a long time and all the curiosities and advances that will be released: it’s likely that tomorrow evening, during episode 999, further small previews will be released about episode 1000, next 21 January: if nothing has changed, it will be the day we know the date of the festival in Utrecht, which will happened later in 2021.

While you wait, buckle up and head off for this amazing week of true trance music !

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