“Turn The World Into A Dancefloor”: in a few hours we will be celebrating A State Of Trance 1000 !

The day has harrived: with a special episode, tonight, let’s celebrate together the highest milestone of the most famous trance radioshow ever !

Today, at 17:00 CET, the souls of trance lovers around the world will be united at the Amsterdam’s studios: after months of waiting, Armin van Buuren invites us to celebrate the fateful milestone of episode n. 1000 of one of the most popular weekly radioshows ! The goal that seemed an impossible dream to reach today has become reality.

A State Of Trance, broadcast to an estimated tens of millions of listeners from 84 countries around the world, has over the years become the main reference point for all trance music fans. It’s difficult to summarize in a few words the amount of musical events and how this radioshow has changed the destinies of trance music over the years, starting from the first official episode, dated June 1st 2001: it’s certain that, at least for this genre, no one has managed to do as much as Armin van Buuren has done with A State Of Trance in these twenty years.

This long-awaited milestone unfortunately coincides with the still ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has changed the course of events since the beginning of last year for this sector: every year Armin van Buuren for A State Of Trance, for ten years now, there offers increasingly spectacular events and engaging world tours and had probably for episode 1000 been studied epic programs … but, as we will have the opportunity to listen to tonight, in reality they may have only been postponed !

Yes, because during tonight’s five-hours episode, Armin will reveal more details about the expected plans to celebrate ASOT 1000 in the best possible way: in the meantime, a digital event could be scheduled, like many of those seen during these months, but only like anticipation of one or more festivals that will take place later this year.

We will also listen to the first 50 positions of the much-quoted A State Of Trance Top1000 which has been on the air for almost a week 24/7 no stop on the dedicated Youtube channel: which will be the most loved track all time of the history of radioshow ?

We will have the opportunity to be together, thanks to a special zoom call that will take place from all over the world with the fans and, among the many expected news, we will officially listen to the anthem dedicated to A State Of Trance 1000: yes, because the message of the event it’s only one, in any case: TURN THE WORLD INTO A DANCEFLOOR !

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