ALPHA9 resurrects “Good For Me” of Above & Beyond with a new fantastic remix

Above & Beyond continue to be the target of remixes by artists of considerable caliber: tomorrow is Arty’s turn.

During the darkest phases of last year’s pandemic, ALPHA9, during some of its various streaming DJ sets, delighted us not only with its incredible melody, but also with its new remix of the masterpiece of Above & Beyond and Zoë Johnston from 2006: “Good For Me”.

After months of waiting, the remix will be released tomorrow, Friday 19th February, on Anjunabeats. For Artem Stoliarov, the real name of ALPHA9 but also known as Arty, it is certainly not a novelty to get his hands on some of the best trance track of Above & Beyond: in 2017, for example, he remixed “My Own Hymn”.

Artem remains one of the best producers ever of Anjunabeats and certainly among the spearheads as regards the progressive-trance genre: we remember his latest “Stellar EP” released at the end of last year and the new track with Arty alias, released on Armada, with a more commercial house touch “Take Your Time”.

He is not the only artist Anjuna who in this period has bothered to remix trance classics: his colleague Mat Zo (with whom, in 2011, he churned out the unforgettable “Rebound”) has recently put his hand on “Rock Your Body Rock” by Ferry Corsten of 2003: a remix with an electro aftertaste on a track that already lent itself to such sounds.

And let’s not forget that Oliver Heldens, one of the most popular producers of last period, made us dance just a few months ago with an amazing remix of “Thing Called Love”, always by Above & Beyond (feat. Richard Bedford): in short, this very first slice of 2021 seems to be studded with the nostalgia of great classics.

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