Daft Punk break up: the curtain falls on an epic era of electronic music

The news that “paralyzed” the world of electronic music, and not only, arrived a few minutes ago

Daft Punk are gone: Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, with a video of about 8 minutes published on social channels just under an hour ago who have renamed “Epilogue”, announced the end of their career.

Absolute pioneers of electronic house music at the turn of the last three decades, from 1993 to 2021, as shown by the video that honestly left room for a few other interpretations, they decided to separate; a decision certainly matured some time ago but confirmed also from Kathryn Frazier, their publicist, only today.

The curtain falls then today on an career which for electronic music, after Kraftwerk, has few equals in history and which is worthy of mention beyond the specific genre: anyone, lover of EDM music in general, has listened to and appreciated at least one of their masterpieces that have marked the era: from Around The World” in 1997 (with the iconic music video) to “One More Time” in 2000 (contained in the famous animated feature film “Interstella 5555 where retrace all the tracks of the album “Discovery”, one of the best electronic dance albums of all time) and then, moving to a more pop genre but without losing those “french touch” atmospheres that have always distinguished them, with Pharrell Williams for “Get Lucky”, which became an incredible commercial success (and among the best-selling records to the world in 2013, from the album “Random Access Memories” which won him six Grammy Awards) and recently with another pop music giant, The Weeknd, recording the hits “Starboy” and “I Feel It Coming”, in 2016.

We mention only some of the enormous successes of the French duo, also famous for his costumes, imitated over and over again, with robotic suits and helmets that have become symbols of an era.

Any motivation will come from any press releases, will certainly not cancel in the least everything that the duo has given to the world of music in these long and incredible 28 years. We leave you with one of their absolute masterpieces:

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