Roger Shah dusts off the Sunlounger sound

The German trance composer decisively resumes the successful target for a new release on Black Hole

When we think of Roger Shah and the alias Sunlounger our mind travels fast towards that genre, the so-called “balearic trance” which has made a name for itself in the last decade with a series of timeless hits for lovers of this particular style that combines progressive trance with sounds and melodies that have always recalled the sea and summer.

On the wave of the timeless success of “Lost”, “White Sand”, “Found” and many others, always in the epicenter of publication Armada Music and his label Magic Island Records, Shah returns with his alias this time on Black Hole, so was born “Hello Sunrise” which takes up the old well known guitar arpeggios accompanied by an excellent melody in the chorus and the inevitable chillout version.

On the notes of this track, summer will already be felt, hoping it is a good omen for a musical season as normal as possible !

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