Ciaran McAuley publishes goosebumps uplifting

The Northern Irish manufacturer gives us another beautiful work on FSOE

Among the many producer names that circulate in the Armada world, the one who has had a great musical growth in recent times is certainly Ciaran McAuley.

The dj born in Belfast comes from a series of works in recent years of great quality and which have led him over time to several important collaborations, first of all one of those that can be considered as among the most important songs of last 2020 , or “Mo Chara”, a song born together with the ideas of Ferry Corsten.

Ciaran’s idea of trance music has always been based on the hard and melodic uplifting that the two Egyptians of Future Sound Of Egypt like so much, in the last 10 years a series of releases of this caliber have consecrated his name both on the same label than on other labels such as Grotesque, Garuda and Black Hole.

In short, this boy’s career is contained in an interesting decade that places him among the most popular names in the world trance. But it seems that today, with this new release called “From Within”, he has reached his highest peak at the moment.
The new release of FSOE gives us a break that takes your breath away, strings and vocals that rise in a perfect way sink into a deadly melodic refrain with powerful hits base.

Available immediately for listening, this track already seems to want to make history this year !

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