iLan Bluestone announces his 2nd artist album: “Impulse”

Trance, progressive and a touch of the past in the new album of the London DJ and producer to be released the next May 7

Coinciding with the release of new single “Stranger To Your Love” (feat. Ellen Smith) yesterday, iLan Bluestone proudly announced, on May 7, the release of his second studio album entitled “Impulse”.

Already anticipated by three other singles (“Paid For Love” feat. GidSegwick, “Rule The World” feat. Jan Burton and “Hold On” with Maor Levi feat. Alex Clave), will be released three years after “Scars”, album for the which has received considerable acclaim.

iLan writes about the new album:

“This album is an 18-track journey through my impulsive thought process of production and sound design, the feelings and emotions that drove me to create it. I grew up producing music on ‘Impulse Tracker’; software that was beyond my comprehension to all. ‘age of 10. But I was determined to master how to use it to compose melodies to give me that tingling sensation in my spine. Growing up listening to electronic music from the 80s and 90s, I’ve used these melodic influences throughout this album – from’ Paid For Love ‘to’ Hopeless Dreamer ‘to’ Santo ‘”.

One of the pillars of Anjunabeats therefore underlines how, the rediscovery of the 80s and 90s sounds of the which for some time has been characterizing different styles and musical genres, also finds space in his new album; but on the other hand, he made no secret of it, talking about the release of “Paid For Love”, at the end of last year:

“Paid For Love” is the first track I’ve written where I’ve had a hand in writing the lyrics. The song is about a personal experience, and I feel like these lyrics speak to a lot of people who will have gone through similar experiences, which explains why I’ve felt such a strong connection with the fans at my shows when they’ve been singing the words back to me. For this song I wanted a vocal in the style of Depeche Mode and Gid Sedgwick has delivered !”

We remember that the London DJ and producer continues to be involved in the Elysian project (with Maor Levi and Emma Hewitt) which, in the last year, has given some trance bombs of considerable depth. ILan, we’re all ears and we look forward to May 7th with you !

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