Cosmic Gate are always there this time with a great progressive

The German duo presents their new single, the first of their long-awaited upcoming new album.

The spectacular “Miami Open Skies” set held between 12 and 13 March was enriched with a preview of a new official release.

We are talking about “Blame”, a track composed with Diana Miro, Ukrainian vocalist already in the branch of trance productions for some years.

This new production of Cosmic Gate leaves no room for doubt from the first listening, their sounds, already often very deep, sink in a decisive way on the total progressive and the result is truly excellent.

But the most important news of these days is undoubtedly that relating to the release of the new album that they themselves announced, it would be in effect their ninth album and which comes after the last one of 2019, “20 Years Forward Ever Backward Never” which definitely consecrated their relaunch with 20-year career.

The new work will be called MOSAIIK” and is still very poor in news, it will perhaps tell us about some latest release included within them or new music perhaps following the style of this new release. Like many producers, the pandemic has led to a period of pause and the load of new ideas that in recent months are coming out with the releases of various works, but with Cosmic Gate we have enjoyed everything, from hard trance, to melodic passing now for progressive … what will their new musical message be now ?

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