New music coming from OceanLab ?

One of the most popular trance projects ever may be making a comeback soon

A few days ago, announcing the possible return of Above & Beyond live for the ABGT450 set for August 14th and 15th in London, we underlined how, the english trio, has taken a break in productions during these first three months of 2021, pause certainly herald of new fantastic melodies.

Some of these may already have been leaked: in the launch video of the event in fact, posted the following day, you can hear the notes of a new track accompanied by the iconic voice of Justine Suissa:

Although the trio have produced several tracks with Justine simply as “Above & Beyond feat” in the recent years, we took a look at a tweet from Jono Grant a few weeks ago which instead seems to confirms the return of the legendary project with the track called “Almost Home”:

OceanLab, that is Paavo, Jono, Tony and Justine Suissa, had already returned together in 2016 with the beautiful “Another Chance”, but their career is full of historical records, such as the unforgettable “Satellite” of 2004 but also for the album “Sirens Of The Sea” (2008) from which many hits emerged (“On A Good Day”, “Miracle”, “Breaking Ties” and others): is it legitimate to imagine a new album together ?

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