God’s Groove ‎– Prayer Five (We Can’t Fly)

One of the first track where a sound closer to the melodic and articulated trance we know today appears is this record by God’s Groove, the German duo composed of Felix Gauder and Nico Herz, of 1992: although there are obviously elements of techno and Eurodance music, typical of the 90s, in “Prayer Five (We Can’t Fly)” there are the atmospheric and hypnotic pauses of the trance that will follow in the years to come, interrupted by quick psy breaks. The melody of this track is an interpolation of “Oxygene 2” by Jean Michel Jarre. The song will later be included in the 1994 studio album “Elements Of Nature”.

_track_God’s Groove ‎– Prayer Five (We Can’t Fly)

_label_Black Flame


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