Italian genius Mauro Picotto winks at the trance music with “Feels Like Home”

An undisputed icon of “the golden age” of trance music, will return to talk about itself next month thanks to an interesting track

When the progressive trance, in the mid-90s, definitely took over, making the world aware of all the power and beauty of the trance genre and the “emotional” vein of dance music, another Italian, in addition to his undisputed genius, Robert Miles, was gradually insinuating himself in the dancefloors in Europe: Mauro Picotto, first with some strong aliases, straddling techno and hard-trance productions, and then definitively with his real name in the late 90s and early 2000s with some gems entered by right in the history of the genre: “Komodo”, “Iguana” “Lizard” “Back To Kali”, to name a few.

Subsequently, the Italian DJ and producer preferred to devote himself to a purely techno sound, to the point of arriving at house music and, albeit with a nostalgic eye also for the fans, he never returned to produce trance songs, even if he was often a guest of some trance events: we remember expecially his appearance at the Luminosity Beach Festival 2017 where the artist ventured into a massive set of classic trance.

The surprise, however, after many years, came a few days ago from his social accounts, with a preview of a new track that will be released in June called “Feels Like Home”: Mauro Picotto clearly communicates the “trance emotions” that he used to compose the melody of the track, which will be released in at least three versions: the first one, mixed by Paul Skelton, with a captivating and exciting trance sound, an “Iguana Mix” (whose name is no coincidence), characterized by a more “square” progressive trance sound and where are recognizable some sounds of his most famous records and the latest version “Organic Electronic Taster Mix”, which will represent the slow and downtempo version of the track.

During episode 1016 of A State Of Trance, “Feels Like Home” was the first track played by Armin van Buuren yesterday: we are really excited to see Mauro Picotto’s name reappear within a trance context, trance that has seen him in the past among the most important protagonists.

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